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Welcome to SiLeNTeK

We love having fun with technology and so should you. Read on for an overview and what the company is about.

SiLeNTeK has been around the block since 2009. What started as a small internet entrepeneurship, providing IT Support, web development and Graphic design, has grown into the company many know and love today.

Our founder, Hannes van der Merwe (Director), has since broaden Silentek's horizons to more than just simple web design and IT Support. We have since expanded into Video Game Development and 3D Animation over the coming years, branching out to a child company, SiLeNTeK Game Studios (SGS for short). Slowly we are becoming the tech giant that we have envisioned since the start. From here on out we would just embrace any growth we make (hence our slogan "Embracing Technology").

Project Gallery

Take a look at our project gallery to keep up to date with what we are busy with.

Game Development

We have a passion for it. That's what the company is all about. Although not something we planned while forming the company. SiLeNTeK Game Studios formed four years later. In 2013 we started with top notch game engines such as, Unity, Unreal Engine and Godot.

3D Animation and CGI

What better sector to support your videogame branch than doing in-house productions in CGI and 3D animation and modelling. Although before the company existed we have done 3D animation, we never thought to venture beyond a few home brew projects to an international scale competing with the best of the best.

IT Support

This is where it all started. a Good foundation for any leading tech company is by principle of "the heart is where home is". In this case the heart is buzzing computers, blazing with blue screen of death's and keeping them healthy of any illness they might contract. And so have we supported, not only our own company, but other companies and individuals alike with their daily computer related problems.